Key elements of the design and technical solutions of our company are protected by the Institute of Industrial Property. The function of the vessel is elegantly hidden from first sight.

The vehicle features many technical innovations developed by our company and successfully applied on the constructed prototype.

The Mercedes-Benz chassis has been adapted so that it forms a boat hull. When the steering wheel is being turned, our special software ensures proportional distribution of power to the individual boat engines, which enables directional control of the vessel. The software used is unique and was developed by our company.

Other unique solutions include the service covers on the bottom of the vessel, which are able to withstand pressure up to 8 bar, the water-tight design of entries to the steering, Cardan shaft, etc. In the convertible design we use a ceiling frame in the interior, with integrated lighting. This design frame is another innovative element, together with the modified engine hood, sideboard and front doors.